Cleaning can take a lot of time and effort but with some tricks you can make it easier and fast.

Here are some tips which will make your cleaning easier and effortless.

Bathroom Cleaning

If you use lemon oil while cleaning the ceramics, your job will be very easy. If you clean ceramics with lemon oil, you will both clean them in a short time and prevent the mold problem that may occur in the future. You can also use vinegar while cleaning the shower head. First empty the trash cans. Then sweep away any dirt, hair and fluff from the floor and corners. Clean your toilet bowl and tap with a disinfectant product. While cleaning the tap. Finally, be sure to remove all traces and dirt while wiping the tiles, walls and ceiling. It is possible to get a more precise result by first holding water and then drying. Finally, do not forget to clean the mirrors in your bathroom

Glass Cleaning

If you want your windows to become shiny in a short time, what you need to do is to clean them with vinegar and newspaper. Getting rid of stubborn glass stains is not as difficult as you think. Do not try to remove these stains with wire or similar objects. Clean it by pouring cream detergent on the orlon cloth. So you don’t scratch the glass. You can also add a pinch of salt to the cleaning water and wipe the windows with this water to make your window glasses sparkle.


Microwave Oven Cleaning

It is actually not that difficult to clean dried up dirt inside microwave ovens. All you have to do is put a glass of water in the microwave and start the oven. Thus, the dirt becomes soft due to the steam and you can easily get rid of difficult stains. To clean the inside of the oven, put a container full of hot water and ammonia overnight. In the morning, keep the cap open for a while, then wipe it with a sponge.

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Drawer Cleaning

If you do not want to empty your drawers while cleaning them, put thin socks on the end of your vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can clean the dust easily.

Linen Cleaning

When washing your white linens, your biggest enemy is chlorinated bleach. Because it causes the linen  turn into yellow. If you need to bleach, use oxygen-based bleach. If it says in the instructions for use that it should be washed by hand, do so. Use a mild soap. Do not wring, hang and let dry. Store your sheets in dry, clean places.

Cleaning Floorboards

One of the biggest enemies of floorboards is water. If you want small stains on the floor to be thoroughly cleaned, add a little vinegar to the water and wipe the floor. You will see that the floor is instantly sparkling.

Wardrobe Cleaning

Put soap in a bag inside your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling nice. Close the cover of your wardrobe tightly. After a few days, all your clothes will smell like soap.

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