Inadequate and careless dental care causes deformation of the teeth over time mainly causing various gum diseases and tooth decay. Tooth decay, which is mainly caused by factors such as unhealthy diet and bad habits, is one of the most common dental problems. Due to insufficient dental care and cleaning, food residues and bacteria accumulate on the teeth, and these cause the formation of tartar (calculus) and tooth decay over time. It is important to take care of your dental hygiene and to brush teeth regularly every day.

There are some other reasons that can also cause tooth decay such as; Cardiovascular diseases, liver and stomach diseases can cause tooth decay. For this reason, teeth, which are considered as the mirror of the human organism, have an important place in body health. In addition to regular dental care and cleaning, you can protect your dental health by taking measures such as taking care of the foods consumed, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, not consuming excessively cold / hot foods and not overdoing the consumption of foods with high sugar content. In addition to all these precautions, you should not wait until your tooth to hurt to go to the dentist. Having a regular dental checkup will help prevent potential problems early.

How to Clean Teeth?

Tooth Cleaning with a Toothbrush
The main element of dental cleaning is undoubtedly regular tooth brushing. However, it is really important to choose the right tooth brush and know about the right tooth cleaning techniques. You can always consult your dentist before choosing a toothbrush and make sure that it is not too hard and  also suitable for your mouth structure.

While brushing your teeth do circular movements and avoid doing high pressure. Try to prefer toothbrushes that are produced in a structure that is easy to do movements inside the mouth. It is recomended to brush your teeths twice a day. Brushing should be started from the front teeth. Brushing applied from the front teeth to the back teeth with circular and soft movements should start from the level of the gums and progress downward. However, you shoudl not do hard strokes during brushing and should be brushed with soft movements.

Most of the people brush only front surface of their teeth but it is also very important to clean the back surfaces. Otherwise, plaque formations occur on the posterior surface over time.Another important point is that you need to spend around 4-5 minutes to brush your teeth.You should definitely change your toothbrush every 6 months and you should never share it with others. You should not forget that a toothbrush is a personal care product and sharing it with others can bring many diseases.

Dental Floss Cleaning

Another option to clean your teeth is dental floss.Dental floss, which provides cleaning of the residues between the teeth after eating, gives very effective results. Experts emphasize it is very usefull learn and practice the use of dental floss as well as toothbrushes regularly. Food residues that do not come out after tooth brushing after meals are the main cause of tooth decay. To prevent this type of tooth decay, dental floss is used after the teeth are brushed. Thus, the formation of rot is prevented by removing food residues.

Hard Movements should be avoided while using dental floss in order no to cut or harm your gums. Another point to note is that the same floss is not used in the upper and lower teeth.


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