You have several options to get to the Barcelona city center from Airport (Barcelona – ElPrat)

Main transfer options are train, bus or taxi. If you buy a T-Casual ticket from Renfe station then you can spend 1.13€ to reaching to Barcelona city center. This ticket costs 11.30€ including 10 journeys. You can use this journeys in metros and busses inside the Barcelona city. Another cheaper option is taking public Bus N46. It will cost you 2.40€. Another option is Aero Bus which costs 5.90€ for single trip. Taxi is another option if you have heavy luggages. Taxi costs 30-35€ and 30 minutes to arrive to the city center

  Options Price Duration Time
AerobusBook 5.90€ Every 10 minutes 24H/7
Taxi 30-35€ 30 Min 24H/7
Metro 5.15€ 20-25 Min 05:00AM – 12:00PM
Train (Renfe) 11,30 € / 10 journeys Every 30 minutes 05:40AM – 11:40PM
NITBUS 2.40€ ONLY NIGHTS 21:55 — 04:45
BUS N46 2.40€ Every 40 minutes 04:50 — 23:50

What is Aerobus ? 


Aerobus is the offical bus service between Barcelona Airport and city center.

Aerobus stops located just near the arrival gates in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

It departures every 10 minutes and costs 5.90€ per person

How much does it cost to get to Barcelona city center from Airport with Taxi ?

If you decide to take taxi from Barcelona airport to city center it will cost you around 30-35€ and 20-30 minutes to get to the city center. If you arrive in the night time cost can be 40€

You can easily find a taxi once you step out any of the arrival gate.

Is there a Night Bus from Barcelona Airport to city center? 

Luckily yes. Barcelona Airport offers Night Bus Service between 21:45 and 04:45.

Once you go out of the gates follow the signs for Buses and it will take you directly to the Bus stop.

Cost of a single journey is 2.40€


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